Friday 27th March 2020

Happy Friday everyone! A quick note to say that everyone seems to be working super hard. Please don’t feel as though you have to complete all the work I am setting you; do as much, or as little, as you can! If all you feel up to as a family one day is reading a book together, that is absolutely fine. If you want to do all the tasks everyday, that’s also perfectly acceptable.

What a week you’ve had at home, Chestnuts. Let’s take some time to catch up with you!

  • A week or so ago, Ruben celebrated his 7th birthday with a Colin the Caterpillar cake that I am extremely jealous of! Happy birthday buddy!
  • Dylan and Rhomari have been working out with Joe Wicks.
  • JoJo lost her first baby tooth and hopes the tooth fairy isn’t in self-isolation so she can come and collect the tooth!
  • Matilda and her sister, Stevie, have started a space project.
  • Yildiz has made a brilliant ‘stay at home’ rainbow poster and did some baking with halloumi (yum!).
  • Noah is busy designing his dream lego house.
  • Laureona did a great job of drawing out Miss Baharouni’s Maths challenge for me. She also noticed that on Wednesday and Thursday I only set 9 questions in our daily ’10 in ten’… Laureona’s beady eyes are sharper than ever at home!
  • Emile W has been working hard on his handwriting which is looking just fantastic!
  • Ralph wrote a crazy story about a tiger who said “Jiggity Jiggins!” (which I think is my new favourite phrase) and he had snacktime on his trampoline!

If you sent me a picture of you with your paper aeroplane experiments, I haven’t forgotten about you! I’m saving those pictures for my report on Monday. Keep your eyes peeled!

A big well done to the people who got the correct answer to Miss Baharouni’s question yesterday. She cut her cake into four equal pieces and three of the pieces were eaten. That means that 1/4 (one quarter) was leftover! Can we have a round of applause for the children below?

  • Kiyan
  • Yildiz
  • Matilda
  • Ellie
  • Laureona
  • Ralph
  • Liam
  • Jakob


Miss McIntyre has come up with a fantastic way of testing you on your spellings this week. Take part in this brilliant Kahoot quiz.


Write a short diary entry reflecting on your first week as a home learner. It should include at least one possessive apostrophe and one contraction. Here is mine. Can you spot my possessive apostrophe and contraction?

What an interesting week! I have drank endless cups of tea, pulled my muscles from Joe’s workouts and watered all of my potted plants everyday (this is usually unheard of because I don’t have the time to do it!). I have enjoyed catching the sun in my garden because I like it when I get freckles.


Here’s your ’10 in ten!’. Today you will need to draw those tens and ones charts and think about whether you need to exchange and regroup. Make sure you notice which operation is being asked of you each time.

22 + 16

34 + 13

45 – 12

67 – 24

43 + 26

56 + 32

87 – 42

98 – 51

23 + 19

74 – 47

Investigation: Miss Malanaphy and Miss McIntyre’s Puzzling Sweet Shop

Question 1

Miss Baharouni went into Miss McIntyre and Miss Malanaphy’s sweet shop with 10 pence to spend. 

There were chews for 2p, mini eggs for 3p, chocolate bars for 5p and lollipops for 7p.

What could Miss Baharouni buy if she wanted to spend all her money?

Question 2

Mr Platten, Ms Dilley and Mr Knowles went into the shop too. They each had 20 pence to spend. All of them spent all their money.

a) Mr Platten bought five sweets. He bought at least one of each kind of sweet. Which sweet did he buy two of?

b) Ms Dilley spent her money on just one type of sweet – but she doesn’t like chews! Which sweet did she buy lots of? How many did she buy?

c) Mr Knowles bought the same number of sweets as Mrs Dilley, but he bought three different types of sweet. Which sweets did he buy?

Weekend homework: Play this game which will help you to practise using money. You can start off with the ‘one coin’ level which will use the same coin lots of times to make an amount. Then you can start to use different coins to make the amount on the ‘mixed coins’ level. Choose the ‘up to £1’ game – remember that £1 is equal to 100 pence. If you feel like a real challenge, go on the ‘give change’ level.


Every Friday, I’ll be setting you some Art! Before we left school, we were focusing on sketching. Rob Biddulph, author of one of Chestnut Class’ favourite books ‘Odd Dog Out’, has started a sketching masterclass online. I would like you to draw your own sausage dog and make it unique to you! Follow his guidelines here (the sausage dog is number 2).

Please send them into me by Tuesday and I’ll showcase them on the blog. You could even share them on Twitter with the hashtag #DrawWithRob.

Have a fabulous weekend Chestnuts and I’ll speak to you on Monday.

All our love,

Miss M and Miss Baharouni xxx

Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello everyone!

Miss Baharouni had her birthday on Wednesday. She stayed at home (you can see the birthday girl below!) and baked herself a delicious cake (doesn’t she look like an amazing baker?!). She missed celebrating with Chestnuts a lot and sent us a maths problem to work out (there’s a silly version for the adults and a children’s version!).


Miss Baharouni baked a delicious pear and almond tart. She shared it into four equal slices. Each part had 6 slices of pear in them. How many millions of calories was the whole tart worth?

Miss Baharouni and I hope that all adults are as ‘snacky’ as we are in this lockdown period…!!


Miss Baharouni baked a delicious pear and almond tart. She shared it into 4 equal pieces. She ate one slice, her partner ate one slice and she wrapped one slice in foil and left it on her neighbour’s doorstep. How much of the cake was eaten on Miss Baharouni’s birthday? How much was leftover for the next day?

Write your answers as fractions. Remember – denominator first, then the vinculum, then the numerator. Send your answers in to ‘’ and I’ll publish everyone’s name who gets the answers right!

Finally, we have our winner from Wednesday’s apostrophe and contractions challenge! Well done Abi!

Once there was a penny who said “Can’t I come in the pond, it’s a nice day?”

“No” said the Pond, “ you need to be a pound”

“But I am a pound” said the penny.


Please read a book on Bug Club and a book from home.


Tell your adults about how our Spelling Bee works! You need to say the word, spell the word, say the word. Your adult can check if you get it right. Any that you get wrong will need to be written out… five times in your home learning book!

Here are the words again in case you’ve forgotten:

station, fiction, motion, national, section, action, potion, multiplication, addition, subtraction


Miss Baharouni wrote a short play but got her apostrophes all muddled up. She also couldn’t remember her contractions. In your best handwriting, can you rewrite the short play and correct all the mistakes?

Martha: Thats my best friends bike. Give it back please!

Ruben: No I wont. I would not give it back if you paid me!

Martha: Youre making an unkind choice. Why cant you just do the right thing?

Ruben: I wanted to give it to my friend Sam. Sams motorbike has broken and he is sad.

Martha: I will help you fix it but you shouldnt steal this bike.

Ruben: Ok lets try and sort this out together!


We had some great answers to our challenge: ‘It is impossible to divide by 0. Why?’ (thanks to Abi and Yildiz for your efforts!). To put it simply, when we try to divide by 0, things just stop making sense! Here it is explained below:

dividing by 0

To find out more about zero, listen to a story I read to you earlier in the year called ‘A Place for 0‘.

Here’s your daily 10 in ten!

20 ÷ 2 =

15 ÷ 5 =

18 ÷ 2 =

70 ÷ 10 =

20 ÷ 5 =

10 ÷ 2 =

25 ÷ 5 =

45 ÷ 5 =

80 ÷ 10 =

  • Watch this video and complete the activities below on how to make an amount of money using different coins.
  • If you want to challenge yourself, have a go at this page about working out change. You will need an adult to help you!
  • Complete this ‘Spring Shopping: Finding Change’ activity in your books – 26.3.20. Perhaps you can draw the coins you’d give as change too!

Make sure you check out Friday’s blog. I’ll be uploading pictures of Chestnuts that have been sent into me this week – you might be featured!

Love from,

Miss M xxx


Wednesday 25th March 2020

Happy hump day kids!

On Tuesday, I made sure I was up and ready to take part in Joe Wicks’ daily workout. Noah’s Mummy had emailed me and said that Noah did it on Monday but used up most of his energy in the warm up! I took note of his advice and made sure I kept some of my energy for the main part of the exercise… but goodness me… I was so tired afterwards! Here’s proof I’m doing it (please excuse my mad hair and sweaty face); it’s so nice to think that Chestnuts are doing something together in spirit everyday, if not physically in the same place!

A few notices:

  1. I heard there was a special guest on the latest edition of ‘The Funraven Show‘… Word on the street is that the guest (we could refer to them as a celebrity from now on) may be signing autographs upon a return to school. Pre payment advised as there is already unprecedented demand.
  2. Remember to let me know your findings on how to make the perfect paper aeroplane (complete with your modifications). I will compile the findings into a report over the weekend and let you know on Monday!
  3. If you send me in any photos, I will assume that I can use them on the blog unless otherwise stated. It’ll be nice to share what we’re doing on here.
  4. Some of you may have noticed that sites such as ‘Times Table Rockstars’ are slow to load or that you can’t log on. We have heard from the site that they are experiencing exceptionally high user numbers (more than double than they’d expect on a usually busy day and more than triple than a normal day!). Please be patient and try logging on at different times in the day to see when it is quieter.


It’s wordsearch day! I know how much you love this at school so enjoy.

25.3.20 wordsearch.


On Wednesdays, Miss McIntyre and I will set a reading comprehension. Here is this week’s task and it is transport themed!

My brother (Louis) is currently in his last year of primary school. His primary school is in Worcestershire and some primary schools there go from Nursery –  Y8! He is in Year 8 and he is Head Boy (a very big responsibility). Louis recorded a story for the younger children at his school just before schools were shut. If you want to watch it, it’s here! Also, if you’d like to record yourself reading a story and send it to me at ‘’, I will try and work out how to get it onto the blog.


You have been practicing using apostrophes for contractions and possession. Can you write a short, silly story and underline where you’ve used them? Here is Miss Malanaphy’s example:

One day, a crazy cat walked to her friend’s shop. “Don’t come in here without wiping your paws! It’s so muddy outside!” shouted the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper was a gigantic, pink elephant who wore a magnificent bow. “I’ll get the dirt off quickly!” replied the cat. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get clean. “You’re a right mucky pup!” laughed her enemy, Mr Doggie, as he strutted past.

Send your entries in (typed via email is fine) and I’ll publish the two that impress me the most!


Here’s your daily ’10 in ten’!

10 ÷ 2 =

14 ÷ 2 =

18 ÷ 2 =

30 ÷ 10 =

60 ÷ 10 =

10 ÷ 10 =

15 ÷ 5 =

35 ÷ 5 =

5 ÷ 5 =

CHALLENGE: It is impossible to divide by zero. Why? Can you explain what you think and send your ideas to Miss Malanaphy?

Main Learning:

  • Watch videos on how to make an amount of money using different coins:
  • Show children coins with a value of 1 penny, 2 pence, 5 pence, 10 pence, 20 pence.
  • How many different ways could we make 10 pence? Draw 3 different ways in your book.
  • Repeat for 20 pence.
  • Complete My Maths task for ‘Using Coins’. If anyone needs their My Maths login, please email me as I can send individually.

Have a wonderful day, Chestnuts!

Love from,

Miss M xxx

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hello all!

It was lovely to hear from Emile W and his sister, Liesel, today. Apparently they did Joe Wicks’ workout at home and Emile said he seemed like a very resilient man. Resilience is one of our school values and we all need to be extra resilient at the moment. I’d love to hear how you are remaining positive and jolly at home so do email me at ‘’.


Please read a book on Bug Club and be sure to answer the questions.

Ask an adult or an older sibling to read you a book on the sofa at some point during the day.


Here are your final five spellings to learn this week.
action, potion, multiplication, addition, subtraction
Make sure that you check their meaning in the online Oxford Dictionary. Today, you can write the word and draw an image to help you remember it! Here’s a great example.
Practice your possessive apostrophes by completing this worksheet – 24.3.20
When you’ve finished, can you think of another three examples in your house or from school? For example, I could write:
Miss Malanaphy‘s teapot was next to the kettle.
Here is your ’10 in ten!’ warm up:

2 x 2 =

4 x 2 =

7 x 2 =

3 x 5 =

1 x 5 =

8 x 5 =

4 x 10 =

10 x 8 =

6 x 10 =

3 x 3 =

Go onto Google Images (or, even better, check purses for real coins!) and look for the following:

  • 1 penny, 2 pence, 5 pence, 10 pence, 20 pence, 50 pence
  • £1 coin, £2 coin
  • £5 note, £10 note, £20 note

Can you recognise all of the notes and coins and understand their value?

Finally, complete this worksheet – 24.3.20. If you can’t print it off to stick the coins onto the sheet, you can draw it into your book and write in the answers in the spaces.


Please complete this task on Purple Mash. If you don’t know your login and password to Purple Mash, please email me and I’ll let you know yours.


Love from,

Miss M xx

Monday 23rd March 2020


I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I enjoyed a pot of tea, the sunshine and many games of cards in the garden. It felt a little bit strange not being able to see my friends and family but I downloaded a great free app called Houseparty. This meant I could chat to my friends and wish my Mum and Stepmum a very happy Mother’s Day via video and play some fun games with them too! We finally got round to fixing the trellis in the garden; perhaps Chestnuts can offer to help with some odd jobs around the house too? Not on your own, only with an adult!

What did you all get up to? I have heard from Ellie already which made me feel fab. She has set up a podcast called ‘The Funraven Show’! I’ve listened to the first episode and loved it (it’s very, very funny)! If you’d like to listen to it, please email ‘’ for more information.


Every weekday, Joe Wicks will be doing a daily workout for children. Get up and ready for it at 9am!


Read one book on Bug Club and answer the questions. Make sure that the bugs have their eyes closed after you’ve answered the questions to earn your points!

Listen to this brand new story just added to Storyline Online!


This week’s spellings all include /-tion/ (pronounced shun). The first five are below.

station, fiction, motion, national, section

Look up their meaning online using Oxford’s Online Dictionary or in a dictionary you have at home and put them into a sentence. This is also a great opportunity to practise your joined up handwriting. An example has been done for you below.


a place where trains stop so that passengers can get on and off

The youngest member of the family walked into the station and was amazed by its grand, beautiful ceiling.


Complete these ’10 in ten!’ questions (ten questions in ten minutes or less). Can you show your adult at home your ‘If I know, then I know…’ sentence to show how you worked each one out?

10 + 20 =

20 + 30 =

60 – 10 =

40 – 20 =

90 – 40 =

20 + 80 =

30 – 20 =

60 – 40 =

10 + 90 =

0 + 30 =

Today’s learning is about money and coin recognition. Watch this video to remind yourself of the different coins. You can pause the video at 41 seconds.

Complete this worksheet (23.3.20). You can either print it off or just write the equations and answers into your book.

Finally, there is a task set for you on My Maths called ‘Recognising Coins’. Log in as normal and remember to mark your work to see how you did!


Last week at school, we learned about contractions. Can you write the expanded form and the short form of these contractions?


Topic Project

Each week, I’ll set you a topic project that you can do throughout the week. This week’s is all about planes!

  1. Unscramble the plane anagrams with an adult – Planes
  2. Make a paper plane and see how far it flies before landing. What modifications can you make to the plane to make it go further? Does it need larger wings? A pointier nose? Write up your findings and email them into ‘’ and I’ll see if I can pull all of our findings together in an attempt to create the perfect paper plane!
  3. Research the Boeing 747 passenger jet (there are some starter questions in the anagrams worksheet). Write up a factfile in your home learning book.

Enjoy getting used to your new normal, Chestnuts!

Love from,

Miss M xxx

Ongoing Activities

Hello everyone!

Here are some general ideas for you to dip in and out of alongside the work I’ll set for you everyday. Remember it’s not an exhaustive list – do as much or as little as you can.

  1. We will all need to keep exercising over the coming weeks. I will be doing Joe Wicks’ live workout from nine o clock until half past nine which you can join in with here. It’s free and available Monday – Friday. Send me some pictures of you keeping fit and healthy or share your videos with Joe on social media using the hashtag ‘#PEwithJoe’.
  2. I have reallocated your books on Bug Club. Please email me on ‘’ if you run out of books and would like me to set you some more. Your username is the first four letters of your first name and the first four letters of your last name. The password for everyone is ‘cat’ and the school code is ‘xq3p’.
  3. Read your own books and write me a book review! You can follow this format for your book review
  4. Enjoy a ‘Storytime Online’ here for free.
  5. Take a movement break on Go Noodle.
  6. Practice your phonics on Phonics Play. It’s worth going through Phase 5 and playing some of the Phase 6 games too. Phonics Play has made its services free for you during this period with the username ‘march20’ and the password ‘home’. Please note that I find this website temperamental on Chrome due to its flash compatibility so it’s better opened in Internet Explorer.
  7. Times Table Rockstars! I have set your times tables for you to practice (2x, 5x and 10x).  Go to this website, then select ‘School Pupils’, then type in ‘Dunraven’, then sign in. Your username is the first four letters of your first name and the first four letters of your last name. Everyone’s password is ‘maths123’.
  8. Twinkl are giving parents free access to support with school closure. Use the access code ‘UKTWINKLHELPS’ at this website.
  9. Topmarks is a great free website that Chestnuts use in Maths Meetings to practice fluency (arithmetic). The children will know which games they like to play.
  10. Watching CBBC’s Newsround everyday to keep yourself up to date on current affairs (and hopefully some news other than coronavirus!).

I will post daily Maths and English homework on the blog every evening so new work is there for you the following morning.

Keep smiling, keep washing your hands and keep being wonderful.

Love from,

Miss M xxx


Virtual Hugs and Bon Voyage

To Chestnuts and families,

It’s very hard to put into words how strange this week has been. For those of us who have been in, we have kept calm and carried on: writing stories, completing end of unit tests on fractions and focusing on reading comprehension. We have felt the absence of our friends in class and missed them terribly. Everyone in Chestnut Class sends their love and get well / keep well wishes to you!

A huge thank you to Miss Baharouni for her endless patience and kindness this week (and every week!). She is the best teaching assistant that the Chestnuts could wish for and she will miss everyone very much over the next few weeks.

I will miss everyone’s little smiling face so much! Teachers often think that their class need them but during this time, I’ve realised how much I need Chestnut class and their funny little ways. It has been quite a journey from September and I’m so proud of how everyone has matured, both academically and emotionally. I will be writing to you all every weekday to set you some learning and tell you what I’m up to. Make sure you stay in touch with me too through our Year 2 email address: ‘’.

Something to think about over the next few weeks… Not all learning is done in the classroom. Learning to be kind and caring to others, how to sew a button on, how to run a budget for a house, how to cook and bake or even how to get fit can be done at home. See this as a special opportunity to develop your interests and hobbies and I can’t wait to hear all about them when I next see you.

There won’t be any homework this weekend and we’ll start afresh from Monday.

Lots (and lots) of love and virtual hugs from,

Miss M xxx