Week 6

Hello everyone, and happy half term!


This week, we have focused on finishing our Topic learning. We wrote a recount of our carnival and we answered our big question: ‘Would you rather live in the UK or the Caribbean?’. I’m afraid to say that some members of Chestnut class look set to move away as they would love the opportunity to live nearer to the equator!

In Maths, we have continued to practice telling the time. Please help us with an analogue clock at home as we’ve found it quite tricky!

What we are reading

We read Claude in the Country! It was very funny when a snooty judge at the county show was chased around the field by an angry bull. We all laughed when he fell face down into a stinky, large cowpat!


Maths isn’t on My Maths this week. Please play this game at home instead and save it to your favourites to keep practicing telling the time! http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/hickoryDickory/index.html

Spelling is here – Spellings Homework Half Term

Have a fantastic half term and see you in a week!

Love from,

Miss M and the Chestnuts xxx

Week 5


Hello everyone! Apologies that this blog is coming to you on a Saturday morning – it has been a busier week than usual.

This week has been all about preparing for carnival! We learned about Althea McNish, a textiles designer who was part of the Caribbean Art Movement and had her patterns bought by Liberty’s. We created our own patterns inspired by nature and translated these onto fabric using fabric paint. We also made our own carnival headdresses and learned about the origins of carnival. The carnival itself was amazing: samba rhythms in music, calypso music in dance, flag making and baking plantain in cooking. Thanks to all the parents who came along to enjoy and those who supported with sessions or resources!

What we are reading

We read ‘J is for Jamaica’ and loved the rhyme that we heard in it! Chestnuts love all types of text and this poem was no exception. We discussed acrostic poetry and laughed at Miss Malanaphy’s attempt to do one about our class!


Maths is on My Maths. We only had 14 out of 30 pupils completing their maths homework last week so please can everyone make a big effort to do this weeks. We are working on telling the time to o clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to so any additional practice will be useful.

Spelling is here: Spellings Homework Week 5

Have a fabulous weekend!

Love from,

Miss M and the Chestnuts xxx

Week 4


Before we delve into this week’s activities, a huge thank you for the fabulous turn out to our class assembly! Check this week’s school newsletter where there is a write up.

class assembly

This week, we have been writing our own modern fable. We focused on complex sentences, using ‘when’, ‘so’ and ‘because’ to add clauses. We can’t wait for you to come and read them soon at Parent’s Evening. Speaking of which, make sure you book an appointment at the office.

In Maths, we have been practising telling the time to quarter past and quarter to on an analogue clock. This is such an easy win for parents to help children with at home so if everyone could be asking their children to tell the time that would be wonderful. In Geography, we found the United Kingdom in an atlas using the index, learned the four countries that the UK is made up of and discussed how the physical similarities and differences it has to the Caribbean. We also did a recap of the seven continents song which everyone had remembered really well.

What We Are Reading

We have finished Billy and the Minpins! Our thoughts:

  • Laureona: I liked it when the Gruncher fell in the lake.
  • Imani: I liked it when Billy went back to his Mum because he was safe.
  • Emile A: I liked the fire in the Gruncher’s belly!


Spellings here – Spellings Homework Week 4

Maths – on my maths as usual.

Caribbean Carnival

Next week is our Caribbean Carnival! Thank you so much to the parents who are bringing food in for the carnival at 1:30pm. Some notes:

  • It all takes place in school with a normal lunch time so there’s no need to worry about packed lunches / transport etc.
  • Please make sure that your child comes to school dressed for carnival – think bright clothes and sparkles and all things rainbow!
  • Remember parents are welcome to come to the carnival at 1:30 or you can follow your child around all day. You will need to leave the school at lunchtime and come back.

Have a great weekend!

Love from,

Miss M and the Chestnuts


Week 3


Next week, Mrs Dilley will be running a parent forum on Y2 SATs. A letter will be emailed to you which I am pasting into here too. Please make every effort to attend when the dates are released.

parent forum sats


Week 3 has been so busy, especially with our extra class assembly rehearsals! It has also been lovely having Ms Tubridy back in our class full time.

In English we have done some fabulous writing about our own magical character. Miss Malanaphy was impressed with our complex sentences using ‘when’ and ‘because’, using an apostrophe to show singular possession and our adventurous adjectives. We are also starting to write our own date and ‘WALT’ which made us feel really grown up. Here are some examples:

We have been finishing our multiplication and division topic in Maths. Please keep practicing our 2’s, 5’s and 10’s with us on this free website: we need to know them inside out and back to front!


In RE, we started our work on Judaism and Ms Tubridy taught us the story of why Jewish people celebrate the Passover. Below you’ll see us acting out the story as some very sad Jewish slaves. However, our hero Moses came along with his staff and parted the Red Sea for us! It was a great lesson because we learned the story of the Passover and we learned why it is important to show respect.

Finally, a huge thanks for the bigger turn out at Parent Reading Morning this week! It was felt by all and we had a great time reading with you.

What we are reading

We’ve continued with Billy and the Minpins. We are a bit scared of the revolting Gruncher but are excited to find out more!


  • My Maths as usual, please! Please help your child with Q2, part 2, as they may find the halving of the greater two digit numbers tricky.
  • Spelling is here: Spellings Homework Week 3

Caribbean Carnival

We are still looking for a couple of parents to join forces and come and cook some Caribbean food with small groups of children on Thursday 6th February. If this is something you’re interested in, please ask Miss Malanaphy… or she may approach you to ask!

Keep an eye out for our class assembly photos on next week’s blog.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love, Miss M and the Chestnuts xxx

Week 2!


Hello! This week we have been planning our new versions of The Nutmeg Princess. We are going to change our setting and our main character. We also learned how to use an apostrophe for singular possession, for example: ‘Miss Malanaphy’s class’. In Maths we have continued our work on multiplication and division. In Music, we listened to a piece of classical music called ‘Peter and the Wolf’. We loved learning to conduct and hearing all the different instruments such as the oboe, violin and french horn for the different characters! We also learned what composing means. Here we are in Music…

What We’re Reading

This week, we are reading Billy and the Minpins by Roald Dahl. It was Mrs Springer’s choice and, whilst it’s a bit scary, we are loving the thrill of it!

Class Assembly

Our class assembly is next Friday. Please can parents send in a plain black top and plain black leggings/trousers in a named bag for children to wear as their costume (we’re making a headband at school). No logos please. Things to practice this weekend:

  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Poem
  2. Lines
  3. Shine by Take That (some of the words in the verses are quite big for us to say!)

Script here for anyone who needs it again: Chestnut Class Assembly 26.1.20 Final


Maths is on My Maths as usual. Spellings are here: Spellings Homework Week 2

Have a fab weekend everyone!


Miss M and the Chestnuts xxx

Spring Term Begins!

Hello everyone,


It’s lovely to see everyone refreshed and back at school after the holidays. This week we have been learning how to multiply and divide in Maths. We have been drawing arrays to help us multiply and sharing into equal groups to divide.

In Writing, we have started our new book called The Nutmeg Princess. We are going to start using more adventurous adjectives in our writing and so we learned how to use a thesaurus! We also looked at how to use a dictionary because we want to get our spellings right.


We have started our new topic on the Caribbean, begun to get to grips with a new reading programme called Accelerated Reader (keep an eye out for a letter all about this coming soon) and had Parent Reading Morning. What a busy week back! Please remember, parents, to come along to our reading morning on Tuesdays. We’d love some more adults. Here’s some of the fun you could have!



  • Maths is on My Maths. Let’s get practicing our 2 x tables!
  • Spelling is here: Spellings Spring 1 Week 2
  • Class Assembly: make sure these lines are learned for next week. Miss Malanaphy put that the class assembly was going to be on 26th January which is a Sunday… Apologies! (I think I was suffering with end of term-itis). It is going to be on Friday 24th January.

Caribbean Carnival

Finally, you should’ve received the Topic Web via email. If you are around to offer any support for the Caribbean Carnival today either in the kitchen, with an interesting talk about an area of the Caribbean that your family is from or just generally helping out, please let Miss Malanaphy know.

Have a good weekend!


Miss M and the Chestnuts xxx

Week 8

Hello all – we made it!

Christmas week is over and our Nativity was fantastic. We are so proud of the children for their amazing singing, acting and dancing that put us all in the festive mood. Enjoy the gorgeous photos below.


Christmas Homework

  1. This week was so busy that we didn’t have a chance to do our spellings so they will be rolled over. Spelling Homework Week 7
  2. We won’t have any Maths homework.
  3. On 26th January, Chestnut will have their class assembly! That means we have new lines to learn, as stated in the script here. Please have them learned for the first week back. Chestnut Class Assembly 26.1.20 Final

Finally, have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Lots of love from Miss M and the Chestnuts xxx